Esme Castille

Gypsy bard, tavern owner, and purveyor of secrets


Esme was orphaned as a little girl. At age 5 she was seen wandering around the Bird Le Fluer Inn, and Inn owner and expert gypsy Bard Garto Castille took her in and adopted her as his daughter. As Esme grew up Garto taught her all he knew of the Bard trade and on her 16th birthday, he presented her with a beautiful wooden flute he had made specially for her. She lived, worked, and studied under Garto, accompanying him as an apprentice on several dangerous missions. Upon Garto’s death she became owner of the Bird Le Fluer, and continued his work obtaining information to help protect her home and people.

In the month following the events of the Ancient Realignment: Esme returns to the Bird Le Fluer, closing it down to outside occupants. For a week she speaks to no one, doing little else but smashing barrels and drinking the contents of her bar, attempting to forget the faces of the children she knew Xavdak could have saved. On the 8th day she realizes she has managed to either drink of destroy her entire stock and has run out of booze. As such she is forced to sober up. Upon thinking more clearly she realizes: The realignment is still happening, 200 more children may die, and without Xavdak’s knowledge and power there is no way for her to stop it on her own. She makes her way to the Dragonkeep to request an audience with Xavdak, in the hopes that they both can put aside their anger and pride and work together to prevent future deaths related to this realignment.

Esme Castille

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