A place shrouded in mystery, feared by many and respected by all. Within its walls are found shadows who strike their enemies down in darkness and silence, though it remains to be seen whether or not those who call Moriaris home desire to save Duskalon or to destroy it.

The monastery has stood as long as anyone can remember, in fact no one remembers a Duskalon without it. Sometime in the distant past it was founded to protect the world and to do a service that some found distasteful. One known today simply as The Founder began Moriaris, creating a life for those that society had cast off, giving them strength and purpose, one which has seemingly remained constant throughout the centuries, to protect the world through whatever means necessary.

He also crafted a symbol of Moriaris’ mission, the Night’s Jewel, a jewel which is set into a ring, described in the historical record as seeming as dark as the night itself. This ring was passed down by each leader of Moriaris to his or her successor, and it has been seen as a symbol of the authority of the leader as well. However in the decades preceding the Tiamat crisis the ring was lost, a mystery which has never been solved.

Moriaris has produced monks who have become legends throughout the world, though not always for the best of reasons. The monastery and its members have always struggled between the forces of light and dark, good and evil, with many who embrace a role of protector and use their skills (though deadly) for justice and the betterment of the world.

There have been those few members however who have found the allure of shadows too strong and have therefore worked to bring chaos and darkness into the land, in order to further their own gains. The affairs of the Tiamat crisis however have shown this struggle on a new scale, and have reminded the common people of the potential evils which lurk around them.

One monk in particular is known by the common folk through legend and tale as one who has great wisdom and power who has attempted to uphold the original vision of the Founder and has battled the forces of evil. He is known as the Gatekeeper, and is seen by many as the most impressive monk the monastery has ever produced, one who is unrivaled in combat and stealth and who has faced many evils throughout his long life. No one truly knows how old the Gatekeeper truly is, but it is whispered by some that he actually was a student of the Founder, and was charged by him to safeguard Moriaris from all who would seek to use it to cause chaos and ruin in the world. Thus he has become the keeper of the secrets of the order, and guardian of its most precious artifacts and tomes, some which tel a vastly different story of the history of the world than would be found in a royally produced book.

However he was exiled from the monastery proper during the reign of the Master for claiming that under his leadership a new darkness would fall upon the land, one which had the potential to overthrow kings and destroy the world as we know it. It is said however that he remains hidden somewhere in the lands of the Monastery, waiting to return and have his counsel sought once again. It was believed by many monks that after the Master fled at the end of the Tiamat crisis he would return to help guide the Eclipse in his reformation of the order, but this did not come to pass.

The Tiamat crisis has led to a quite drastic change in the leadership of the monastery, as both the Master and Nemus were intimately involved in the planning and execution of the great calamity which befell the world. Thus upon its resolution in favor of the Twilight Throne, the Master fled in order to consolidate his strength, and Nemus was killed by Waleak a monk who had trained under him. It was believed by many that the monastery and all its members would be purged by the new king Xavdak Duskwalker as punishment for those who followed the Master and Nemus in their treachery. This however did not come to pass, and in fact the monastery was allowed to continue, with Waleak installed as its new head.

Waleak pledged loyalty to the Crown and has spent the past three years reforming the order and attempting to purge all those who desired to destroy Duskalon. As the Eclipse he has ruled with a firm but strong hand, instilling the Council, traditionally a body which acts as a figure head and a rubber stamp to the actions of the leader, with a new-found mission and responsibility to advise the him on all matters of importance. Thus instead of functioning as an autocratic ruler, the Eclipse has instituted a series of checks upon the power of an individual, and also of the Council itself.

This however has not lead to the support of the people, as much as Waleak had hoped, instead many still fear and distrust the monastery, accusing it of plotting once again to take over the world, or simply to destroy it. These accusations have even been leveled at Waleak himself, a fact which he attempts to prove wrong at every turn. The question remains however in the minds of many, just how much can Moriaris truly be trusted? Its history seems to have as many twists and turns as the secret passages within her walls, and its secrets are as numerous as the stars of the night sky.



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