Kwothold is a dwarven city-state located in the northern Greywind mountain range. Only a small portion of the city can be seen above the ground. In true dwarven tradition the city lies underground and extends many miles down into the earth’s surface.

Social Structure and Rule

Kwothold is ruled by a single monarch, currently King B├╝rin Forgefire IV sits on the Underthrone. He is advised by the elders of the six major clans which make up the population of the city. The throne is not a hereditary right for a single clan. At the death of a monarch the elders gather to select from among the chiefs of the clans who will be the next king or queen. This new monarch reigns for life.

The six clans of the city are:
The Deephands
The Rockseekers
The Augerhands
The Stonebiters
The Forgefires
The Breaksheilds

These clans share equal rights, although the city center is divided into sextants in which the head of each clan lives and performs their political duties. More recently dwarves, and gnomes made refugees by Tiamat and other conflicts have emigrated to the city. The elders and the king currently debate the formation of a seventh clan that would be a catch-all for these new citizens in order to give them a political voice.


The city is known for producing amazing works of technological innovation and its huge blacksmithing workshops. Primarily trade is focused around high quality arms and armor, and precious metals. The dwarves rely on the local goliath and human tribes which live in the areas around the mountain for food and other resources. These peoples live with relative independence, but are technically under the rule of the Underking.

Political Relationships

Kwothold has generally good relations with the other dwarven kingdoms in the mountains. They also maintain good relationships with the cities of the plains to the south such as Duskalon. Largely, however, the dwarvs of Kwothold maintain semi-isolationist policies with the outside world, preferring to keep to themselves. Since the events of the Tiamat crisis some groups in the city have called for greater involvement in the outside world.

The primary enemy of the city is actually to be found deeper underground. Various groups of Duregars (dark dwarves in Common) constantly harry the bottom edges of the city and attack new colonies. Occasionally they become organized enough to mount formidable attacks on the city proper, but have been unsuccessful in ever breaching its walls.

Tiamat Crisis

Many of the Dwarven Kingdoms in the Greywind mountains were caught off-guard by the sudden attacks of dragons and their armies. The subterranean nature of the cities offered them a great deal of protection from the dragons, and the only major campaign by the dragon-kin ended at the gates of Kwothold. Most strategists suggest that this battle was really a test of dwarven strength, and that if Duskalon had fallen, the draconic armies would have invaded in earnest.


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