Originally founded as a conclave of Elves who migrated out of Duskalon. These people, The Gentle Ones, were a group dedicated to living simply and at peace with nature. They escaped the distractions of the city and founded this small haven to live out their days in peace.

As time marched on, and the original founders passed away, the town would eventually shed this philosophical goal. They were located on the road between Duskalon and Kwothold, at the foothills of the mountains and the gates of the forest. There was a good living to be made providing for travelers and merchants as they passed by. The town swiftly became a haven for the road-weary, and their coin. Nonetheless, Eredna-Ma never grew very large. The people were comfortable, quiet, and happy. Perhaps vestiges of the beliefs of the Gentle Ones still held some influence in the minds of the current residents.

Now the town remains small with only around 1,000 citizens. It is defined by a closeness with nature. No buildings use stone or metal in their construction. Roads are simply tracks worn in to the grass.


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