The Gentle Ones


From entry “Gentle Ones, The” in “Duskalon, a Brief History” by Tuftbo Cidomarr, Ravensmoon University.

“The Gentle Ones” is the name given to a transcendentalist group who migrated out from Duskalon approximately 3,000 years prior to the Reign of Xanneiros Duskwalker.

Originally made up of 10 families of elven-folk, The Gentle Ones sought to live a more simple, communal life then they believed they could in the great city. The primary belief of this group is that in order to live a good life, one must live in harmony with nature. To this end they moved from the city and settled in the wilderness land on the edge of Darkmoor forest, and in the foothills of the Greywind Mountains. They called this settlement Eredna-Ma.

The original settlers of Eredna-Ma divested themselves of any connection to their former lives in Duskalon. This included changing their family names. The new family names were marked by a single syllable followed by a “Ma” suffix. Generally this is thought to be either an honorific for the founders of the conclave, or simply an indicator of their home. Thankfully the settlers kept detailed records, and their names are as follows:
Ed-Ma, Gris-Ma, Werd-Ma, Der-Ma, Sigr-Ma, Qal-Ma, Ist-Ma, Lér-Ma, Ris-Ma, Ool-Ma.

Today, the descendants of these founding families still live in Eredna-Ma, however the Der-Ma family seems to be waning as their only male heir disappeared in the year 2556 according to their reckoning (they measure the years starting with the founding of Eredna-Ma). While the children of The Gentle Ones still live their ideas do not. The people of Eredna-Ma live much as others do in the region. The lasting contribution of The Gentle Ones can be seen best in the physical features of the village which to this day eschews building with any material except wood and earth.

The Gentle Ones

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