Dawn of the Duskwalkers II: The Fire Within


The Story So Far


3 years have passed since the Tiamat Crisis nearly overturned the world.

Today Duskalon stands once more as a mighty city, with a new keep at her heart. In this newly formed Drakenkeep, upon the Throne of Twilight, the now-king Xavdak Duskwalker reigns much like his father before him. He is fair, he is ruthless, and he always seeks the betterment of his kingdom and family.

Content Not Found: waleak stands upon the ashes of Moriaris and works tirelessly to return it to its former glory, and moral code. Despite his efforts many of the common folk remain distrustful and suspicious of those monks in black. Waleak and the king work closely for the continued safety of the realm. They do not always see eye to eye, but they work toward the same goal.

Reginold Augerhand has returned from his home in the Dwarven kingdom of Kwothold far to the north to visit his friend Xavdak and to see the newly rebuilt Duskalon. He comes back to the city stronger, with a keen eye for military strategy, and a better understanding of the responsibilities of a leader. This new knowledge cannot darken his sense of humor, or inspire in him any more concern with the subtleties of conversation.

A new face joins the party. New as she is to the group she has been a fixture of Duskalon all her life. Esme Castille, owner of Le Bird de Fleur Inn and Pub. Esme like her father before her uses her position and skills to gather information and ensure that it gets into the hands of the king. She is unrivaled with her skills on the flute, interweaving magic with her music to devastate her enemies, and provide aid to her allies.


I freaking LOVE this! Nice work, Jimmy!

Did you want us to edit it at all? Intersperse some details?


Absolutely! I know I didn’t remember everything, and probably misspelled some names etc. This is basically just the bones of the plot, so the more details the better.


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