Eristor Der-ma, "The Master"

Magic's prodigy hoping to bring Civilization its next Age of Magic


The following information was revealed in Episode 06.

Eristor Der-Ma’s parents were part of the original settlers to move from Duskalon to Eredna-Ma as part of the Gentle Ones. From an early age, Eristor took fascination with Magic. Claiming the bold matriarch Glynnii Duskwalker as his idol and role-model, Eristor soon proved himself a prodigy of magic and drew the attention of Duskalon’s own Ravenmoon University.

Eristor’s parents, however, fiercely committed to the idealogy of the Gentle Ones, did not want their child mingling with the affairs of the big city. His parents remarks echoed in his head throughout his childhood: “Magic is the source of all evils, Eristor…” and, “Magic is useful as a hobby, but is not useful for the Gentle way of life.” Again and again, his parents refused his enrollment to Ravenmoon.

Yet the obstacle did not prevent Eristor from studying magic himself. He spent many hours alone in his room. At the height of his research, his parents would feed him meals through the door. Magic became his obsession.

Then, one day, he discovered the magic required to channel time-travel through a mirror. This groundbreaking accomplishment was the first time in the history of Neverwinter that time-travel had taken place without the involvement of the gods. Eristor’s first destination quickly became obvious to him: he would go back to Deeplight at the Dawn of Magic and seek to become a disciple underneath his role-model, Glynnii Duskwalker.

Despite years and years of living in Deeplight, though, Glynnii would not accept Eristor as her pupil. Magic was brand new to the world – who would think to teach a child? Again and again, Eristor fought for Glynnii’s audience. Again and again his request was denied.

Reality was ironic. Here, Eristor – a prodigy of developed magic – could have killed Glynnii and taken down Deeplight all at once in his power. In fact, there were nights in which he found himself tempted to do so. Yet, it was his respect for Glynnii, her boldness, and the Duskwalker empire that prevented him from doing so.

So he found another way to power. Instead of studying underneath Glynnii, he decided that he would wait for the next elemental realignment and, like Glynnii Duskwalker, do something good for the world.

He enrolled in the Monastery of Moriaris as a monk together with his Deeplight friend, Arcnon. Over time, Eristor’s brilliance gave him a promotion to a position in the Council of Moriaris itself and its eventual leader, giving him the title “The Master” of Moriaris. He invited Arcnon to be his second-in-command. To commemorate the position, Arcnon took the monk-name Nemus.

Eristor was forbidden to enroll in Ravenmoon, yet he continued to find ways to study magic alone in his room. Time travel enabled him to study magic all throughout recorded history in ways none had before.

Eristor was forbidden to study under Glynnii as her pupil, yet he found a way to work with her and the Duskwalker familiy in Moriaris and Duskalon’s political relationship.

Eristor was forbidden the study of magic, and he is determined to bring his knowledge to, like Glynnii, bring the world to its next Age of Magic through the elemental realignment.

Eristor Der-ma, "The Master"

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