Söldnir Erdefreund Mar-Comanni

Goliath warrior, Shaman of the Eagle Spirit


Söldnir hails from the Mar-Comanni tribe of Goliaths who make their home in the Greywind Mountains. These nomads circle the mountains, following herds of yak and mammoth year-round. Ancient legend and oral tradition claim that the Mar-Comanni are descended from the race of giants known as the Keepers of Time. It seems now that this legend is proving true.

Söldnir was a typical Goliath warrior in his youth. Flying into berserk rages he cut down his enemies and basked in the glory of victory. The battle with the servants of Tiamat on the steps of Kwothold changed his outlook. Söldnir had never seen death and destruction on this scale. In grief and, perhaps for the first time uncertainty, Söldnir sought out the teachings of the patron spirit of his tribe, the Spirit of Eagle. Eagle has changed Söldnir from a brash killer into a circumspect warrior. So deeply did Eagle influence him, that Söldnir now serves as the shaman of his tribe. He communes with Eagle Spirit to seek guidance and wisdom.

After a surprising visit to the tribe by Sir Reginold Augerhand, Söldnir has decided to lend his expertise and knowledge to help the party in their quest to understand the elemental realignment. Söldnir desires most to protect the natural world and the order of nature. Perhaps his connection to the past will help protect the future.

Söldnir Erdefreund Mar-Comanni

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