Reginold Augerhand

Dwarf Fighter with a big heart


Reg hails from the Dwarven kingdom of Kwothold where he serves as a knight of the realm. He began his adventures along with Xavadak, Aiden, and John the Silent as they tracked down the Black Spider in the Lost Mines. After their battle Reg was called back to the his kingdom where he distinguished himself in battle with the Duregars, and later in the battles with the minions of Tiamat. Now he returns to the aid of his friends and the defense of the city. Reg is accompanied by his squire Karin Deephand.

In the month following the events of the Ancient Realignment:

In a scribbled note left for Esmé

Once I called Xavdak my friend. I will remember that man fondly, but this new Xavdak is different. I’m a knight. I gave my word of honor that I would protect the weak. I tried to save those kids, but Xavdak stopped me. Maybe the world would have been better off without magic…Xavdak speaks about us not being able to see the big picture. If he thinks that he had no hand in what happened he’s the one who’s blind. He’s responsible, just as much as Glynnii. What separates him from Nemus, from the Master? If we accept his actions, we trade one Master for another. I can’t do that. I know that we disagree on this. I’ve heard all the arguments. I know what I have to do, the right thing to do. Maybe someday he and I will meet again. I hope that on that day we may be allies, at least, once more.
I’m going north to find anything I can about the keepers of time. I think that’s the best play right now. I’m not with you, but I haven’t abandoned the mission. I’ll write again when I find something.

Reginold Augerhand

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