Arcnon Ethelhongard, "Nemus"

Former Moriaris Authority and Allegiant to The Master's Hope


Decades ago, a young monk entered to train in the halls of the Moriaris monastery. This young monk took the name “Nemus,” and quickly impressed the leaders, the Council, and stakeholders. Nemus moved his way into a position of authority, serving as the Master’s second in command.

Nemus was a key figure throughout the first Dawn of the Duskwalkers campaign. He put a curse on Leonirius, tempted and tortured Moriaris rookie Content Not Found: waleak, and worked closely with the Master, and the Priest of Lolth in an attempt to thwart the Duskwalker family’s reign. The party successfully defeated him at the end of the campaign in a fierce, high-stakes magic contest.


However, Nemus returned once again in Episode 01: A Jarred Awakening. At the end of the episode, Nemus revealed his identity behind Melaru Rylee. Instead of the once suave and clean appearance, though, Nemus was half-decayed in his struggle to revive himself from the dead. The party was not able to kill him, and he vanished into the floor.

Arcnon Ethelhongard, "Nemus"

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