Melaru Rylee

Well-connected Relic Collector


Not many know the details about Melaru Rylee, but many know the face. Melaru is an independent relic collector capable of magic. Without pledging loyalty to a specific king, kingdom, or cause, Melaru has managed to become well acquainted with many powerful traders and figures throughout greater Duskalon. If you want it, it’s likely that Melaru has it – or knows a great deal about it.

In Episode 01: A Jarred Awakening, Melaru forced her way inside the Twilight Throne Room in Duskalon in the presence of the party and revealed her capability to open the jar that imprisoned John the Silent of Armenos. The party eventually chased her into the ancient Ash Mountain Monastery and prepared to fight her, before she revealed herself as Nemus returning from the grave.

Has Nemus always adopted the form of Melaru, and Melaru is simply a made up persona? Or is Melaru a real trader that Nemus has disposed of? Or is she something else altogether?

Time will tell.

Melaru Rylee

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