Glynnii Duskwalker

Duskwalker Family Matriach; Founder of Duskalon


Glynnii was raised as a peasant girl in the ancient civilization of Deeplight. Due to economic injustice and greed, her brother’s life was the unexpected byproduct of a royal quabble between representatives of the Hodgkin and Jak families of the city.

Glynnii was enraged at the loss of her brother, but was helpless as a peasant girl buried by greedy bureaucracy.

One day, fueled by her rage, her favorite blanket began to interact with her emotion and began to produce magical energy – the first time that magic had been seen in the history of Neverwinter. After spending years researching the blanket, she partnered with a small band of five elvish martial artists who identified as “Moriaris,” fighter-monks who sought to push back unjust authority. Moriaris saw the potential of “magic” and determined it would be useful for martial arts.

Together with her new faction of followers and a curiousity for the blanket that could only be captured by action, Glynnii began a plan to assassinate the leaders of Deeplight’s three royal families and, for the first time in history, introduce “magic” to the world. She and Moriaris grew determined to tear down Deeplight from the inside and begin a new period in history: the Age of Magic, led by the royal Duskwalker family.

But at what cost?

Glynnii Duskwalker

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