The leader of Moriaris | Desires to rebuild that which was almost lost.


W’leak is an elven monk who hails from the shadowy monastery found in the cliffs which surround Duskalon, known as Moriaris. Born to a family in Duskalon that he no longer remembers he was taken in by The Master, the former leader of the monastery who raised him and trained him to excel in the shadow arts. He left the monastery on his own to prove his worth by punishing Xavdak Duskwalker for the murder of his brother, the crown prince of Duskalon. However in the course of his travels with Xavdak, Aidan, John the Silent, and Oteph it became clear that a darker conspiracy was at work, one which found W’leak questioning everything that he had ever been taught, as it was revealed that Nemis and The Master were major players in a plot to take over the world by summoning Tiamat. W’leak slew Nemis for this treachery and was named the new leader Moriaris by the newly crowned King Xavdak after the disappearance of The Master. W’leak immediately set to work restoring Moriaris to its former glory, taking on the title of The Eclipse as an homage to the newly restored ties between Moriaris and the Twilight Throne under his charge. He has set out to purge the monastery of all who supported the use of Dark magics and has worked to find and capture Dark artifacts so that they can not be used once more to destroy the world. He also seeks to elevate Moriaris to a position of honor in the eyes of the people once more, a task which over the course of the last three years has proven very difficult indeed. However W’leak believes that his cause is just and that though it may take time he can restore Moriaris to the true path and regain the trust of the people of Duskalon and prove that Xavdak’s trust in him was not in vain.

In the month following the events of the Ancient Realignment:

W’leak found himself wrestling with his emotions and thoughts in the only place where he feels truly home, the now burned out Monastery of Moriaris. But this to leads him to question his very mission and desire to rebuild the monastery, as its very foundation was built on a horrific act which he can not even consider justifying. A kingdom and a monastery, both built on the death of innocents, haunts him late at night and steals his rest. He sends word to through Eskobear to the King, desiring to speak with his monks at the monastery, though he deliberately does not come to the Throne himself. After Xavdak sends only half of the requested monks, W’leak discusses with them a plan to radically remove the monastery from the sphere of Duskalon, and to instead establish contacts with the other major kingdoms, in hopes of somehow driving the monastery to become a force for the protection of the world and the innocents with in it. He longs to atone for the part which they have played in the heinous history which he just witnessed. He has not forgiven Xavdak for the treachery and callous indifference towards the death of the children, and as such vows to do everything in his power to make certain that this elemental realignment does not result in another atrocity, no matter the personal cost. Thus he contacts Esme and Reg to discuss their next moves and how to continue on in their task, without forgiving Xavdak for what he did.



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